The Concept

E-interiors is part of the ZEN SPACE studio, small budget hip interiors concept. We help you online with all your designing needs.

Our Hip interiors concept is to help those who want a hip modern home but have budget constraints, or location constraints which does not permit them to hire a professional decorator. Each category has ample options for you to select from.

Picture Before/After

Your space can be a new space-under construction or an old lived in space which needs a design make over

All you need to do

Number One Choose a category

Number Two Make the payment by DD or Cheque to us.

Number ThreeSend in the pictures of the room/ space which needs makeover

Number FourWe will send you the suggestions

  • You want to re-decorate an old space in your house – but don’t know how to.
  • You want help in the interiors of a new space you are buying or building.
  • You want help but you have a budget constraint and a small space.
  • You need suggestions for lighting, wall colour, furniture, accessories – and don’t know what to get.
  • You want to remodel some existing furniture to make it look more upbeat.
  • You want suggestions in art and easy accessorizing.
  • You want a hip interior…



Category A Category B Category C Category C